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For Gold

Use bible study techniques to dig for gold in the word of God and document revelation received through sight and sound. Each week this group will read a chapter in Philippians and discuss treasures found with each other. Come create tangible reminders of the revelation God provides as you connect with God, His word and other believers.

In Him,

We Win!

This is the year to level up! We want to be free to allow God to expand us in His wisdom and understanding. As we go through our storms, circumstances, trials and tribulations we will experience pain and our faith will be stretched. Through it all if we stay in Him, we will WIN!

Healing & Essentials to Good Health

We invite you to join our discussion on personal health and healing. Explore the power of faith as we seek God’s wisdom to walk in supernatural health. Discover life tips to aid you on your healing journey and how to maintain it.

Living To Give, Giving to Live

Discover the types of giving that honor God and produce prosperity. Learn how, when and what to give, in a way that will change your outlook on life.


Join in a dynamic discussion on the events found throughout the book of Revelation. Study alongside others who are passionate to discover the treasures found in this amazing book written by the apostle, John.

High End On A Dollar

In this life group, we will create a variety of DIY projects each week using items from Dollar Tree. Join us in creating simple yet impressive crafts. Let’s put our creativity to the test with unique, affordable creations and no one has to know our secret.

God’s Money, His Ways, Let’s Talk!

God has blessed and continues to bless mankind over and over. In this life group, we will discuss some of the seemingly harmless actions that put holes in our pockets, as well as introduce ways to replace these questionable habits with alternatives designed to grow your Net Worth! By the end of this group, you will have gained knowledge of financial management skills to avoid waste and grow as a steward over God’s resources

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In order to walk in the gifts God has given us we must be informed of how they function. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12:1 (AMPC), “Now about the spiritual gifts (the special endowments of supernatural energy), brethren, I do not want you to be misinformed.” Come and gain a deeper understanding of the gifts of the spirit in this group. Learn how they operated in the past, operate in the present and how they flow through you!

The Praise & Worship Lifestyle

Praise and worship is a key component to the success and fulfillment of our daily lives. Come and discover the benefits that come from participating in what we have been created for. Learn various ways to engage in praise and worship as weapons in battles, as rivers in a wilderness and as a way to intimacy with God.

Live Out Loud

(Singles Group)

Don’t give up on the life you dream of with your future mate just because of a few delays or misplaced desires! Live your life so full and so out loud, that you will be “spent” when you walk down the aisle and ready to get fueled up for a new adventure! Discover how to stay content but not stagnant in this amazing group of single men and women.

The Encounter

Throughout history men and women have had life changing experiences with God that have not only shaped their personal lives but changed the course of history.  Join this group to discuss amazing stories of individuals who have supernatural encounters. Open the door in your life to new adventures with God!

Under Construction

(Men's Group)

Too many times as men we have hardened our hearts due to the strains of relationships allowing it to become hard as stone. Our goal in this life group is to encourage all men to maximize the tools of God’s word to build a healthy heart. We invite you to join and walk out your destiny as a man under construction. 

Conversation Rooms: Singles & Dating Series

(Singles Group)

Are you single and wonder if the Bible addresses dating? Or perhaps you struggle with modern dating and establishing healthy relationships? Join us to explore strategies for singles on Christian dating. The purpose of this group is to create a space for singles to discuss these topics and to discover principles related to successfully navigating the dating process, at all stages.

Rock Your Crown - The Bejeweled Wife

(Women's Group)

This life group is for wives who want to explore all the beautiful jewels that make up a woman's crown (life). Each week we will discover how to grow in all the different roles that God has graced us with as a wife. You won't only be sitting pretty on the throne, but will laugh, have fun, enjoy interactive activities, as well as share and grow together.

Understanding Who God Says You Are

In life, there can be a lot of pressure to measure up to an invisible standard. Each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. It is important to Him that we love and value ourselves the way He does. In this group, we will discuss our worth and purpose as people who belong to God.

Bettering Your Life

(Primetime Group)

We are inviting mature men and women to open up a conversation on life, death, separation and how to overcome. Other topics will include discussions on estate planning, wills, medical directives and much more.

Church Without Walls

As believers, we were never intended to keep the good news of the gospel to ourselves. We are a church without walls, created to reach out to a world in desperate need of the love of God.. Evangelism starts with love and loving people ultimately means taking the risk of sharing Jesus with others. In this group we will allow God to fill us with His heart for people. Together, we will be trained and equipped while learning and practicing different methods of evangelism.

Creating Meaningful Friendships (Women's Group)

Every woman longs for good conversation, a safe place to be vulnerable, and wisdom from women who are ahead of us in the journey.  In previous generations, women lived in close-knit communities and encouraged one another in marriage, parenting, and spirituality.  Today, we can often feel isolated.  Yet, our God-given craving for connection remains. This life group will show women how to embrace the joy of emotional intimacy with other women through practical wisdom and personal experience from dozens of real-life stories.  Be equipped to cultivate meaningful friendships in all seasons of life.

Power Of Love, Faith to Forgive

We invite you into an intimate discussion and a journey on the power of love and faith to forgive. We will examine how these two powerful graces and supernatural weapons allow us to live in harmony and in victory in all of our relationships.

Developing An Intimate Relationship With the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the name of the third person in the trinity.  God the Father, introduced the world to Jesus Christ so that we can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit!  As we gain understanding of who He is and God's purpose on earth, a supernatural relationship will emerge!  We will become empowered to spread the gospel with faith, confidence and be strengthened in our own personal lives. Join our life group to embark upon this amazing journey developing an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit.

Gamers Club

Do you love to play videogames? Do you consider yourself a gamer or would love to be? Join our life group and discuss a variety of video games. Whether you like Playstation, XBox or any other gaming system, this life group is for you.

Fix It Jesus

Tests and trials are a part of life but how does the believer successfully navigate the obstacles that arise in their relationships, health, and everyday life? What practical tools can we use to maintain the victory that’s already been obtained for us?  We want to hear from you.  Your experience may be the answer someone needs, so join us as we partner together and win at this thing called life.

Leveling Up In Your Business

This life group is for business owners, or leaders in business, to discuss the ins and outs of being an owner/operator.  We will discuss the fundamentals of successfully running a business and how to take our businesses, regardless of the current stage, to the next level.  Please come prepared to participate in the discussion and to have an open dialogue about your business and its future.  As we create a community of business owners at VCMI, who are also people of like-precious-faith, we can be there to support one another and our businesses.

Life After 50

(Primetime Group)

Did you know that you “turned the page” to a new chapter in your life? Life after 50 can be filled with adventure, romance, freedom and fun. Let’s start by introducing you to YOU! During this life group we will address the importance of self care, breaking out of the old into the new and how to have enjoy life to the fullest!

Be Fit

This Health & Wellness Life Group is designed to help you “Level Up” physically, mentally, and spiritually. Transformation and empowerment are our focal point. Come with an expectation for results. Fitness attire and bottled water is highly encouraged for these sessions.No spectators…only participators!!!

Leading Like Jesus: At Home, At Church & In the Workplace

If you want to become a better leader then this life group is just for you! We want to help you lead like Jesus at home, church and in the workplace. In this interactive group we will be exploring exciting ways to interact in different settings and at all levels of leadership. Join us as we help each other become better leaders.

1. Digging For Gold      2. In Him, We Win!     3. Healing & Essentials to Good Health     4. Leveling Up In Your Business     5. Living to Give, Giving to Live    6. Revelations     7. High End On A Dollar    8. God’s Money, His Ways, Let’s Talk!     9. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit    10. The Praise & Worship Lifestyle        11.Be Fit!    12. Live Out Loud *Singles Group    13. Peak Performer    14. Under Construction *Men’s Group    15. Conversation Rooms: Singles & Dating Series *Singles Group    16. Rock Your Crown - The Bejeweled Wife *Women’s Group    17. Understanding Who God Says You Are     18. The Encounter     19. Bettering Your Life  *Primetime Group       20. Church Without Walls      21. Leading Like Jesus: At Home, At Church & In the Workplace     22. Giant Slayers       23. Power of Love, Faith to Forgive      24. Developing An Intimate Relationship With Holy Spirit      25. Gamers Club     26. Soul Detox *Young Adult Group (20’s, 30’s & Young At Heart)      27. Fix It Jesus!  28.Creating Meaningful Friendships *Women’s Group      29. Life After 50 *Primetime Group

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